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CSR85, 60/80SR : WHAT’S NEW?

31 Dec


Upgrades and new features of the CSR85


The new CSR85 showcases the same sophisticated composite body and construction philosophy as the CSR50 & CSR65. Lightweight and highly functional, the body features a standard set of rails and quick hydraulic coupler, ready to accept a selection of NRC detachable underlifts.

The now standard, gigantic 56’’ tunnel box of the CSR85 increases storage space by a huge 85% compared to previous 60/80SR: a great addition to store all the tools you need for complicated recovery jobs. 

> Tunnel box can be upgraded up to 72’’

Since there is a thin line between a properly counterweighted and a grossly overweight recovery vehicle, NRC’s team worked relentlessly to optimize every pound of steel you can find on the CSR85, so that every component has a twofold purpose: structural and counterweighting. The newly redesigned central body structure enhances rigidity and torsional stiffness of the wrecker, while ensuring a better weight distribution. This configuration results in a greatly increased performance with minimal additional weight.


Our proven and loved user interface of the CSR series is integrated to the new CSR85. Nothing less than NRC’s latest evolutive electronic control platform, so every piece of equipment coming out of the factory is ready for the next big thing. The finesse of the hydraulic controls, which is a trademark of NRC’s products, is further enhanced on the CSR85, allowing the operators to precisely execute the recovery plan they envision. The  scale system software has been revised, taking into account the part line number used, resulting in vastly improved accuracy for real time data insights.


That’s where it gets really interesting. Compared to previous already uber strong 60/80SR, the new CSR85 offers an increase of 55% in hydraulic sliding power, thanks to the gigantic version of the Slider System™. Also key to NRC’s proven slider, the larger load bearing area that results in less local deformation of the slide rails and contributes to further advances in safety. The little extra? The automatic carefree lubrication system available in option that sequentially lubricates 14 critical areas of the mast carrier when the slide function is activated.


The hydraulic system of the CSR85 was redesigned from scratch; we wanted to break free from previous paradigms in order to better understand how we can improve.

The redesigned hydraulic system supplies 3770psi (260 bar) of pressure to a set of gigantic boom cylinders, a 25% increase compared to the 60/80SR. Load sensing hydraulic technology enhances the system efficiency by adjusting its output flow and pressure to the system demand.

Another interesting features is the hydraulic pump with torque limiter, which prevents transmission and PTO from overloads by regulating the maximum output flow proportional to the system demand.

And of course, we listened to you and relocated the pressure filter for easier maintenance.


Having all the power and capabilities to handle the toughest scenarios and remain within the safe operating envelope is the key to safety. The CSR85 offers a 25% increase in hydraulic lifting power of the boom. Fitted with 60,000 lbs main winches and optional 25,000 lbs auxiliary winches, the CSR85 is ready to tackle the most complicated recovery scenarios.

The design of the boom was completely revised to achieve the goal of the 85t SAE structural rating and allows for an incredible 467’’ of reach past the tailboard. Stuff of legend.

Check the specs here