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At NRC, we hire passionate people with whom we want to have fun. #NRCFAMILY is an integral part of our culture. It’s what drives us, mobilizes us, brings us together.


We’re human.

We firmly believe that you need to feel good to give your best. Our corporate culture is built on authenticity, innovation and fun! 

The people who work here are bright, motivated and genuine individuals. Our managers are accessible and involved at all levels of the company. We cultivate a stimulating environment that rewards ingenuity and innovation. In all of this, we always take the time to have fun! The #NRCFAMILY is the real deal.

Here for the long haul

At NRC, you will see a lot of employees with 10, 20 or 30 years of experience. There are specific reasons why our turnover is so low, but it’s mainly because… life is good at NRC!

Our values

From our inception, the essence of NRC has been to innovate, disrupt and rethink the industry. We’re looking for unique people like us that value thinking and doing differently. 

  • Innovate

    Innovation is in our DNA. It was the boldness of our founder that powered NRC and continues to build our product reputation.

    Here you will be called upon to think outside the box and explore your creative thinking. You will have many opportunities to make a real contribution to the business.

  • Share a passion

    Our tight-knit community, NRCFAMILY, is our greatest pride.

    We are all driven by our desire to build the best towing equipment in the world. Our employees are proud, and they have every reason to be!

  • Be honest and have integrity

    NRC is a family. True to our convictions, we believe in respect between employees and customers. We are authentic and transparent because it is the basis for building healthy relationships. Doing what’s right and presenting it as it is, is part of everyday life.

  • Adapt

    We know everyone is different and that’s why we are constantly adapting. Whether for customers or employees, we offer an agile, flexible and personalized approach. We know that work-family balance is important and we adapt to everyone’s needs.

  • Respect each other

    We care about each other. We care about our customers. We care about giving everyone the means to reach their full potential.

    Above all, we respect each other. No matter where you are from, you are welcome to NRCFAMILY. The NRC community is eclectic, inclusive and always strives to surpass itself. A tightly knit community that encourages each other to continuously improve.

  • Surpass ourselves

    Here you have a real impact on your work and the product. Each employee drives the business forward: product by product, piece by piece, idea by idea. Our agile management and innovation-driven thinking allow us to adapt to the unique needs of our customers and partners.

    Titles, hierarchy; it’s not very important at NRC. All of our employees have the opportunity and the duty to make a difference.

Work together.

Working at NRC is about uplifting customers with innovative equipment that propels their business. We do it together, day in and day out. Teamwork and effective collaboration are in our nature. Welders, engineers, assemblers, salespeople … here everyone works together with a common goal.

The best part? The pride we feel when we see our equipment on the road … Incredible.