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The future of towing and recovery rests on passionate workers with the brightest minds. Join the NRCFAMILY and be part of the revolution.

Just imagine what we could build together.

What do we do at NRC?

We build the best heavy duty towing and recovery equipment in the world, nothing less. Our global reputation has always been built on innovation. At NRC, we do things our way, away from conventional thinking. 

Here, every employee drives the business forward. Product by product, part by part, idea by idea. Together, we build innovative and downright impressive towing equipment that elevates operators all around the world.

NRC equipments


But, what is the NRCFAMILY? It is a large family of enthusiasts who surpass themselves daily. Here, we challenge ourselves, we take care of each other and we take the time to have fun. Our culture is unique and really important to us. It’s not for everyone, but if you are passionate about what you do and thrive on innovation, it could be for you. 

Once you are part of NRCFAMILY, you will understand what brings us together … and why our employee turnover is so low!

What makes us different

Proudly Canadians

NRC was founded in the 70s when Norbert Pigeon invented the first hydraulic wheel lift. From its origins in a small workshop on the family farm in Sainte-Madeleine (Montérégie), NRC then chose St-Paul-d’Abbotsford and has grown since in a company with a global reputation for innovation. 

45 years later, Nrc employs more than 160 workers. Together, we are building the future of towing, directly from our factory in St-Paul-d’Abbotsford.

Our history