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Extreme recovery capabilities. Decent size.

The towing industry needed a recovery truck strong enough to handle the toughest challenges, yet light enough to get to them. The perfect balance between power and size. Something that matches the sheer multi-functionality of towmen. Nothing less than the ultimate recovery machine. And we built exactly that. With an heritage of 45 years of innovation and toughness, we created something much more powerful, something much stronger and astounding than any recovery piece of equipment you’ve ever seen before. A necessary solution to a more and more challenging world.

We present to you NRC’s new Heavy Incident Manager, the CSR85.

Engineered from the ground up to offer improved lifting capacity, enhanced weight distribution, additional storage, stylish rust-proof composite body and much more, the CSR85 is ready to tackle the most complicated recovery scenarios. It boasts a completely redesigned boom and subframe, a new optimized hydraulic system operating at 3700psi and the latest, evolutive, electronic control platform. The result? The best power to weight ratio you can find in a heavy duty recovery equipment. Also, it doesn't hurt that it looks completely badass. Did we say it can be fitted with a choice of underlifts or tow bar for practical towing capabilities?

  • 85-Ton hydraulic sliding-rotating wrecker boom
  • 60-Ton safe lifting capacity ( with 25% safety factor)
  • 360° Continuous Rotation
  • Low profile 3-stage front and rear outriggers
  • Average body weight : 62,000 lbs
  • 101,5'' wide heavy duty body
  • V-shaped 3-stage telescopic boom
  • Boom structural rating fully retracted: 170,000 lbs (85t SAE J2512)
  • Reach past tailgate : 467"
  • Maximum Boom working height: 663"
  • Boom range of elevation: 0-70°
  • 360° sheave head
  • D-rings on each boom section
  • Dual 60,000 lbs 2-speed planetary winches
  • Wire ropes: 7/8" x 200'
  • Air tensioners
  • Air free spool
  • Optional: dual 25,000 lbs planetary auxiliary winches under the boom - 5/8'' x 200' wire ropes
  • Optional: 50,000 lbs planetary sliding drag winch - 3/4'' x 360' wire rope
  • Tri-axle body
  • Anodized aluminium roll-up doors
  • Stylish monocoque corrosion resistant composite storage cabinets
  • 56" Tunnel Box
  • Air actuated sliding/rotating locks
  • Lock & safety valve on elevation and extension cylinders
  • Electronic self-leveling and anti-twist device
  • Scale system
  • 7'' color touch screen
  • Ergonomic main control station with fully proportional paddle style controls
  • Alternate emergency manuals controls
  • Vehicle display controller (VDC) mounted on control panel
  • Fully proportional remote control with 2 batteries and charger
  • 8 button CAN BUS keypad in the cab for lighting control
  • Electronic door locks
  • Door activated LED compartment lighting
  • Quick disconnect underlift hydraulic connector
  • Emergency stop switches
  • High pressure hydraulic filter
  • Threaded lubrication fittings on all moving part
  • Automatic slide rails lubrication system
  • 3-stage HD/SHD Underlift
  • 3-stage HD/SHD Underlift
  • Tow Bar
  • Additional towing attachments
  • Heavy duty tire lift
  • Composite winch covers
  • Large tunnel tool box (60" to 72")
  • Composite battery box on top of tunnel
  • Composite light pylon
  • Work lights under the boom (up to 6)
  • Work lights on the boom sheave heads (2)
  • 2 work lights under the bumper
  • Galvanized rigging box
  • Lifting beam / spreader bars
  • Configurable toolbox organizers
  • Installation
  • Custom paint
  • Front axle: Minimum 40,000 lbs capacity
  • Rear axles: Minimum 66,000 lbs capacity
  • Minimum CLA: 281" (from cab to center of rearmost axle)
  • Minimum frame RBM: 5,500,000 in.lbs
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