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Born From Innovation

Norbert Pigeon founded NRC Industries to solve problems in an innovative way. Obsessed with the idea of continuous progress, NRC seeks to achieve all that is technically possible, in an inimitable way. All done to create exceptional wreckers and towing equipment that empowers you.


1965 marks the beginning of Norbert, Raynald and Colette’s family business in a small workshop on the family's farm in Sainte-Madeleine, Québec. Norbert Pigeon Enr'G. offers its services for general welding, ornamental iron and truck box manufacturing


First patent

NRC obtained its first patent for a hydraulic underlift. Norbert knew the age of mechanical equipment was over and hydraulic had a bright future. Before NRC invention, the common way of pulling a car consist of hooking a chain to its bumper and pull. The pulling action would damage some parts of the car due to the increased weight of new cars, their fragility and their design. Dubbed Model 500, the equipment offers a system that can be fixed under the car to tow, without damaging any part.


Timely Takeover

During the recession in the early ‘80s, NRC acquired a regional competitor who was manufacturer of all-hydraulic towing & recovery equipment. This purchase brought a line of heavy duty cranes and a range of car carriers, allowing NRC to increase significantly the production


Conquer new territories

NRC heads to the east coast trade shows in Massachusetts and Florida to show its latest innovations and conquer new markets. The first American sale is done in Ohio in 1983. Shortly after, the first american dealer came on board allowing the business to continue to grow with our neighbors



Growing Strong

NRC is the first to introduce a detachable underlift on a heavy duty wrecker. The underlift is optimize for damage free towing. Its innovative detachable design helps to take weight off the back of the truck and get closer to the tailboard in case of extreme recovery.


A new era of possibilities // THE SLIDER SYSTEM

Norbert worked for several years on the invention that makes us famous today, the Slider System. His goal was to be able to move the load back and forth without having to change the hook height. Back in the days, NRC products and the Slider technology were already well ahead of their time, allowing operators to do things that was before impossible. The Slider System allows operators to increase their reach and handle virtually any job. It doubles the lifting capacity by working with the boom in retracted position. By sliding the mast right over the jack legs, it reduces stress on the body It also allows the operator to work more safely by maintaining the load at a safe distance from himself and his truck.


First Sliding Rotator in the World

The Slider was not enough in term of versatility for Norbert Pigeon : he wanted to be able to work on the side of the truck. His goal was to combine the rotator technology with the Slider System to allow the operators to do virtually whatever they want with the load. It was first introduced in Florida on a 9240SR. Another star was born - and sold right at the show. Even today, the Sliding Rotator technology offers the best handling and versatility in the industry.



Invention of the Quickswap // First detachable unit for towing

NRC was the first company to release a versatile detachable unit that allows the owner to do towing jobs without having to dedicate a truck to it. The optimized, lightweigth design results in a higher profitability for the owner : savings on fuel, tire replacment and insurance. The Quickswap is still recognized for it’s great return on investment, as you get the same towing capacity as the strongest heavy-duty wreckers.



Invention of the Tag Axle

Improving safety and towing efficiency by proposing a Tag Axle. Allows to increase the payload and transfer weight to the front of the truck.



First HIM

Delivery of the first Heavy Incident Manager to Service Towing, Michigan. NRC decided to focus on the heavy duty models, letting go of the smaller trucks. This decision led to having a better focus on well-known industry-wide problems begging to be resolved.


CS Series // No more rust

In order to find a solution to a rust issue, NRC developed a full composite body that is as lightweight as strong. The incrusted Kevlar provides the industry’s most solid equipment. Stronger than steel, lighter than aluminium, the composite offers more strength and flexibility as well as being resistant to corrosion. The low maintenance material provides the distinctive streamline look well known to NRC Industries



NRC Industries community is diverse, inclusive & aims to grow. The #NRCFAMILY provides inspiration, information and help to every owner or dreamer of an NRC truck.




Today NRC has two facilities in Canada, now counts more than 155 employees and is still family owned and operated. The business is proud to grow with the successess of our community, our NRCFAMILY