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26 Nov


Among the countless changes our lives have experienced this year, some are more interesting than others, such as these new NRC options we’ve been working on.

You asked, we listened. 

In 2020, we made it our mission to respond faster to changing customer needs. No doubt the industry is moving fast, and we’re doing everything in our power to follow your lead.

Every year, tow truck drivers are injured or killed by passing vehicles not respecting the #SLOWDOWNMOVEOVER law. Protecting the life of the operators that work on the side of the road has become a major concern in our industry. At NRC, we believe that emergency workers have the right to safe working conditions.

That’s why we came up with the NRC SAFE LOADER, a new option in the configurator that allows operators to use the wheel lift system of our carriers in a much easier and safer way. 

NRC SAFE LOADER, also known as a self loader, extends, adjusts and lifts the car or truck into place. Our system consists of a low mounted rear view camera and flexible in-cab control that make it possible to perform a tow job without leaving the comfort of your driver’s seat. Note that it’s also possible to operate the clamping mechanism using the manual levers located at each side’s control panel. 

The SAFE LOADER is currently available on the 10TB and 20TB series! Capacity match carrier basic underlift ratings: 

  • Fully extended 10TB: 1800 lbs
  • Fully extended 20TB: 3500 lbs

Lower to the ground, clamp the arms around the tire, lift the car, move the vehicle to a nearby safe location, secure the wheels and you’re ready to go! Want one? Ask your dealer, this new option is now available for pre-order!