• 30CS
  • 40CS
  • 50CS
  • CSR50
  • CSR65
  • CSR85
  • 10TB
  • 20TB
  • 30TB
  • 40TB
  • Quickswap
  • Quickswap & Tag Axle


4 Nov


Standards Specifications

  • Fixed headboard with chain rack
  • Deck lights
  • Hydraulic gear pump, direct mount – 17 gpm [65 l/min]
  • Hydraulic oil tank with filter – 12 gal [45 l]
  • Winch embedded in chain rack
  • Dual controls – lever type
  • Scale system
  • 7” color touch screen
  • Retractable main control station with fully proportional paddle style controls alternate emergency manuals controls
  • Air actuated winch free spool

General Specifications

  • Nominal deck rating : 40,000 lbs [18,000 kg] (Evenly Distributed Load)
  • Tow bar lift rating: 20,000 lbs@0” / 10,000 lbs@58” [9,000 kg@0 m / 4,500 kg@1,5m] Tow
  • Tow rating: 50,000lbs [22,750 kg]
  • Deck length: 24′-30′
  • Tri-axle body: 200″ CLA (from cab to center of rearmost axle)

Chassis information

  • 2022 International HX 620 SBA 6X4
  • GVWR 61 660lbs
  • International a26 500hp / 1750lb-ft
  • Allison 4500rds
  • 18,000lbs front axle w/ 295/80r22.5
  • 46,000lbs rear axle w/ 295/80r22.5


C-NC21NC2140 000 TB1
C-402828′- 40 000 – TB1
C-NC46Complete equipment1
C-D4155 chain slots per side (18 total for 25′, 26′, 27′, 28′, 29′, 30′) (nc)1
C-D31-31/4″ 44w steel smooth floor (option for 30 000-tb and 40 000-tb) (no extra charge)1
C-PGAL-2Deck galvanized (option for 24′-30′ decks)1
C-DISCLAIMERCustomer, final purchaser or end user has been informed of the risks and benefits of hot dip galvanizing (hdg) of his nrc car carrier deck1
C-C3Flat top deck with stake pocket, without removable rails1
C-B3S3″ high x 9″ spacing (standard for 30 000-tb and 40 000-tb)1
C-L165 marker lights per side1
C-Z01L/h side underdeck tie down flat1
C-Z01R/h side underdeck tie down flat1
C-T05-1Dp 20,000 lbs (option 2 speed) with 5/8″ x 75′ wire rope (option for 40 000-tb)1
C-CA58P5/8″ yellow tuffx-12 synth. Ropes1
C-CR01Swivel hook1
C-D74Rollback tie down kit1
C-NC25Tandem axle1
C-M045Installation (includes pto)1
C-12V12v wiring1
C-ALAir lines to rear using truck’s air supply1
C-R32Automatic transmission pto extra1
C-E51Heavy duty tow bar t-bar 4″ x 4″ (std-nc)1
C-G20Galvanized sub-frame and bumper1
C-NC17Clear marker light1
C-L1188 x 4 1/2″ light (6 red (stop-flash) / 2 backups) – on bumper1
C-NC11Lever control standards1
C-S052Stainless on rear bumper1
C-G012Stabilizer grip (30,000 & 40,000 lbs) (4×4)1
C-L112-12 led work lights on top of the rear bumper1
C-A432Trailer hitch & pintle hook adaptor (4 holes) (t-bar 4×4)1
C-A433Pintle hook 20 ton (4 hole) (40000 lbs)1
C-A1Standard chain rack1
C-NC6Center winch1
C-L1188 x 4 1/2″ light (6 red (stop-flash) / 2 backups) – on chain rack1
C-G21-33 units-slim lightbar legend 24” fedsig1
C-NC40Chain rack nrc black paint1
C-S093Stainless on sides and head of chain rack1
C-S055Stainless with nrc logo inside chain rack1
C-L124Led light bar 21.5″ in the center under the chain rack header1
C-U03-12 rollback black fender set for 22.5 tires (tandem)1
C-LO2PWireless remote control lodar 2 buttons (winch)1
C-C33-RL72″ steel toolbox, roll-up doors (driver side) (specify qty.)1
C-C33-RL72″ steel toolbox, roll-up doors (passenger side) (specify qty.)1
C-L1132x light h-20-12 “white with extra support in 72” painted steel toolbox, roll-up door (driver side)1
C-L1132x light h-20-12 “white with extra support in 72” painted steel toolbox, roll-up door
(passenger side)
C-S056Stainless on oil tank1
C-ER13Rv plug kit option1
C-T7272″ full shelf 12″ (driver side)1
C-ER03448″ wireless round strobe tow light with braket and charger/transmitter outlet1
C-L3Transmitter tow light in bumper deutch1
C-L20Lodar lo-cator for standard & ip transmitters with led and buzzer1
C-NC134Touchpad with fuseless lighting system controller- included if installed1