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  • 40CS
  • 50CS
  • CSR50
  • CSR65
  • CSR85
  • 10TB
  • 20TB
  • 30TB
  • 40TB
  • Quickswap
  • Quickswap & Tag Axle


4 Nov


General specifications

  • Nominal deck rating : 20,000 lbs [9,000 kg] (Evenly Distributed Load)
  • Tow bar lift rating: 8,000 lbs@0” / 3,000 lbs@48” [3,750 kg@0 m / 1,250 kg@1,2 m]
  • Tow rating: 15,000 lbs [6,750 kg]
  • Deck length: 20′-30′
  • Operating pressure: 2 500 psi [172 Bars]

Frame specifications

  • Cab to axle: 144”-244” [3,7m-6,2m]
  • Frame cut: 177”- 307” [4,4m – 7,8m]
  • Min. frame resisting bending moment 21′-25′: 1,250,000 lbs*in / rail
  • Min. frame resisting bending moment: >25′: 1,925,000 lbs*in /rail
  • Tandem
  • Cab to last axle: 196”-274” [4,9m-6,9m]
  • Frame cut: 229”-307” [5,8m-7,8m]
  • Min. frame resisting bending moment : 2,250,000 lbs*in / rail


  • 2022 Peterbilt 337 standard cab
  • Tire size: 255/70R22.5
  • Wheelbase: 232”
  • Deck Height: 44”
  • In the ditch toolboxes


C-NC112Fully configurable equipment1
C-NC19NC1920 000tb1
C-202222′-20 000-tb1
C-NC46Complete equipment1
C-D4144 chain slots per side (16 total for 21′, 22′, 23′, 24′) (nc)1
C-D3/16” checker plate deck (standard) (nc)1
C-DISCLAIMERCustomer, final purchaser or end user has been informed of the risks and benefits of hot dip galvanizing (hdg) of his nrc car carrier deck1
C-C1Flat top deck, with removable rails1
C-B33″ high x 9″ spacing (option for 20 000-tb)1
C-L165 markers lights per side1
C-Z01L/h side underdeck tie down flat1
C-Z01R/h side underdeck tie down flat1
C-T03Ramsey hdp 12,000 lbs with 7/16″ x 75′ wire rope (option for 10 000-tb and 20 000-tb)1
C-T15Air clutch release on winch1
C-NC3075′ wire rope (no charge)1
C-CR01Swivel hook1
C-S045Stainless on side of bed1
C-NC24Single axle1
C-12V12v wiring1
C-NC44Medium duty stinger and wheel lift (standard for 20 000-tb) (3×3 t-bar)1
C-G20-CGalvanized sub-frame with colored bumper1
C-NC17Clear marker light1
C-L1188 x 4 1/2″ light (6 red (stop-flash) / 2 backups) – on bumper1
C-NC17Clear marker light1
C-L1188 x 4 1/2″ light (6 red (stop-flash) / 2 backups) – on bumper1
C-NC11Lever control standards1
C-INCLWheel lift system (option includes 3×3 t-bar)1
C-S052Stainless on rear bumper1
C-G011Stabilizer grip (20,000) (3×3)1
C-L112-12 led work lights on top of the rear bumper1
C-ER05-51 strobes ion t-serie on each rear bumper end (2strobes total)1
C-Z701Swivel adaptors (t-bar 3×3)1
C-B06Hitch receiver assembly 10-20 000lbs (2″x2″)1
C-Z827Fifth wheel bracket – for car carrier1
C-A1Standard chain rack1
C-A12Std winch embedded in chain rack1
C-L1188 x 4 1/2″ light (6 red (stop-flash) / 2 backups) – on chain rack1
C-S093Stainless on sides and head of chain rack1
C-S055-1Stainless with custom logo inside chainrack (please write detail in note) (3 pieces)1
C-A1CAdd hasps for chain lock (option)1
C-L124Led light bar 21.5″ in the center under the chain rack header1
C-NC139Vectorial drawing (.dwg, .dxf, .pdf-vectorial, .ai)1
C-LO6PWireless remote control lodar 6 buttons1
C-A421Recovery roller guide (rollback)1
C-S056Stainless on oil tank1
C-LC01Chrome bezels on all tail light and marker light1
C-NC110Wired towlight only1
C-L20Lodar lo-cator for standard & ip transmitters with led and buzzer1
C-T6Touchpad with fuseless lighting system controller1
C-P-0No new custom request1
C-NC26Black polymer control boxes (standard)1
C-RACK568’’ [1727mm] – height above frame rails [c#5]1
C-P-150[Custom] color painted oil tank1
C-P-150[Custom] paint the side rails1
C-PGAL-1Deck galvanized (option for 18′-23′ decks)1
C-PLBChain rack paint-different than nrc black (singlecoat)1
C-PC-AXAll paint codes supplied are axalta imron codes and i do not request any paint sample sent out for proofing. Nrc will use the provided codes without any further validation.1

Configuration Notes

Avaiblable chain rack optionsWill provide customer logo at later date
Nrc custom parts list (carrier) 
Autorisation to use pictures of this equipmentThe customer allows nrc to use, display, or publish pictures of his equipement
Lodar functionLodar winch and deck function
Specify custom colo dupont paint code
(subframe and/or bumper)
Aaa blue f3355ef
Reference for paint code (bumper and/or subframe)Axalta-(reference for bumper paint code)
Bumper description colorAaa blue f3355ef
Specify custom colo dupont paint code (chain rack)Aaa blue f3355ef
Reference for paint code (chain rack)Axalta-(reference for chainrack paint)
Chain rack color descriptionAaa blue f3355ef
Paint requestSee attached paint