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9 Mar


In 2021, NRC wants to put forward its real stars, its employees. We start this series with Benoit, engineer at NRC since 13 years now. Here’s our interview.

* At NRC, BLT is for Benoit Landelle-Théberge, not bacon lettuce and tomato 😉

Just because he’s been here for 13 years doesn’t mean he finds his job boring…

BLT: At NRC, you don’t just design a door hinge… You work with all parts and components of the machine. After 13 years, I continue to learn every day. The product is so complete; structure, hydraulics, electricity, control, weight limits… It really gives us the opportunity to surpass ourselves and feel challenged every day.

For example, we have completely redesigned the hydraulic system of the CSR85; in order to do this, I had to acquire new knowledge and get up to speed. After 13 years, there is still nothing repetitive about my job. By working on a project-by-project basis, every day is different.

The NRCFAMILY is my second family. We have the chance of having a really close-knit community of passionate people. Our customers are really involved and it’s always interesting to rack our brains with smart and knowledgeable people. 

The coolest project you worked on?

BLT: The CSR85, without a doubt. After spending so much time with her, I know the machine from every angle. Right before the #1 left the factory, Phil and I drove around the backyard 3 times with it, just to say goodbye properly.

What do you love about NRC culture? 

BLT: There is a myth that engineers think they know everything – this is totally wrong. Here, when I need to ask an employee in the factory something, there is no judgment. We are a real team, everyone is here to help each other.

At NRC it’s simple. You don’t really feel like you’re coming back to the office … Everyone is approachable and friendly, and there is a lot of mutual respect between us all.

When we say NRCFAMILY, we mean it. NRCFAMILY is simply a second family. In another life, when we could get together, NRCFAMILY family parties were especially fun! NRC has no obligation to do this, but all employees enjoy these wonderful family moments.

Other than your job and tow trucks, what are you passionate about? 

BLT: My family. The time spent with my 2 boys is more precious than anything.

Snowboarding is another of my passions ; I have been practicing this sport for 26 years now. Being able to share this passion with my kids is just amazing. Last week, we did the BIG MOUNTAIN with my oldest son. The pride in his eyes… It was an amazing moment. 

Also, since my oldest took an interest in remote control cars, I am reliving my youth passions. Does my 4 year old son need a RC car that goes up at 160 km/h? Probably not. But it’s a great excuse to live my childhood dreams.

Tell us something most people wouldn’t know about you.

BLT: It’s no longer a secret, everybody in the office knows that I listen to Death Metal or Britney Spears while I work. However, not many people know that I saw a Cannibal Corpse and Ke$ha concert in the same week!

Ke$ha rock! No one will make me say otherwise.