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Full Proportional Remote Control

Full Proportional Remote Control

At NRC, we strive to provide a high level of standard safety features to ensure safe recoveries. A full proportional remote control system allows for smoother & more precise control of your load. It gives you an unmatched combination of freedom in addition to total control over true proportional technology. It’s exactly the kind of no-nonsense practicality you need to work the scene with greater confidence.

Gain control by having a full view of the situation with real-time data on the LCD screen. Work from a safe distance so you can keep an eye on the whole scene. It all adds up for safer and more efficient recovery,

What does it change?

+ True proportional technology
+ Allows you to work from a safe distance
+ Keep an eye on the whole incident scene
+ Total control of the recovery with real-time data

Overall advantages

  • More precision when working the scene
  • Safer & more efficient recovery
  • Gentle controls
  • Easier operation

Looking for recovery capability, scalability and legitimate towing power? We’ve got you covered.

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