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The detachable underlift takes the capabilities of our already powerful heavy duty equipment to a new level. And what we mean by that, is it can readily respond to the most challenging demands.

When we designed our underlift, one of our priorities was to make it as practical for you as possible. It can be detached from the boom in moments to allow unhindered work. In case of extreme recovery, you’ll love being able to get closer to the tailboard and use the maximum capacity your truck have to offer.

Not only that, it’s lighter than an independent or integrated system. Handle any jobs with the complete versatility of NRC detachable underliftt.


+ Detachable from the boom in seconds
+ Lighter than an independent or integrated under reach
+ Allows you to get closer to the tailboard for extreme recoveries
+ Simple and reliable design
+ Additional reach & capacity when the under reach is removed


  • Powerful, precise recovery with no limitation
  • Simple and reliable design
  • Lower cost of ownership
  • Additional reach/capacity
  • Higher dependability / Less Maintenance
  • Easily upgradeable

Looking for recovery capability, scalability and legitimate towing power? We’ve got you covered.

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