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Want to be the ultra heavy-duty recovery specialist? To make a stand where others can’t? Not even the sky’s the limit and you can now do any recovery job with the one and only 60/80SR!
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The new CSR65 looks different because it’s built different. Doubled slide rails, more storage space, a composite body and quick-release hydraulic attachments, to name a few.


The new CSR50 and its sliding-rotator technology will take you to a whole new level of performance. More storage space, stiffer subframe, bold composite body and quick-release hydraulic attachments are only a few of the features that make the CSR50 a versatile recovery truck that can also tow it’s fair share.


Looking for more reach and more power for all your towing and recovery needs? Get the job done right every time using NRC’s big and bold 50CS.
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Want a piece of equipment you can rely on? A strong ally that will provide you with the peace of mind that the job will be done in time, no matter what circumstances you’re dealing with? Then think the 40CS!
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Coming up short on versatility? Missing out on recovery jobs? Join the action! Discover the 30CS, a tow truck with surprisingly comprehensive recovery capabilities.


You need a smaller, cost-effective and powerful single axle unit, yet your contract requires a 25T rating? Then consider the 25CS! It features the proven Slider System and a stylish, long lasting Composite Body, so you benefit from the power and versatility of the larger Composite Sliders, packaged in a smaller unit that will make […]


Feeling like you can’t find the perfect truck for smaller jobs? Not looking to compromise performance for size? Then you have to take a look at the impressive 20CS! Now offered with a rustproof composite body, this stylish 20-ton machine is ideal to tow tractors and heavy trucks and for recovery in urban areas.
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MAKE HEADS SWIVEL! Hook up the heaviest loads and enjoy the ride. This permanent mount towing equipment uses powerful and lightweight Quickswap technology, so you never miss an opportunity. It also shares its composite body with the CS-Series, so you take advantage of the huge storage compartments, while making sure you don’t go unnoticed.