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2006 T800 Kenworth with 40Tons NRC wrecker

Contact Informations

Eagle Towing Equipment

2455 Eagle St N, Cambridge, ON N3H 4R7

Victor Polidian


(519) 653-8441

Product Informations


price upon request

Cab & Chassis Specifications
2006 T800 Kenworth
347” Wheelbase
Stretched in 2016 from 260” Wheelbase to 347” – Eagle Towing Equipment
52” Spread on Drives shortened from 60” – Eagle Towing Equipment
New Driveshafts – Eagle Towing
New Hanger Bearings – Eagle Towing
New U-joints and Yokes – Eagle Towing/Vision Truck Group
New 20K Pusher Axle Installed – Vision Truck Group
Double Frame w/ new inside rails – Eagle Towing Equipment
C15 550HP CAT Engine – *** Only Serviced by Tormont Cambridge branch ***
New Cam Shaft – Sept 2015
New High-Pressure Fuel Lines – May 2016
New AC Compressor w/ Serpentine Belts – Nov 2016
New AC Lines – June 2017
New Starter – Dec 2017
New Steering Box – April 2017
New Heater Blower Motor – February 2018
New Oil Cooler – June 2018
New Water Pump – June 2018
New Manifoild Bolts – June 2018
New Air Dryer – April 2019
New Wire Harness to ECM – Sept 2019
New Exhaust w/ “Y” pipe – Sept 2019 (worth 8K)
18 Speed Eaton Fuller Standard
New Transmission Oil – August 2016 @ 680,000km
New Clutch Linkages – May 2017
New Clutch Return Spring – May 2017
New Auxiliary Synchro – Sept 2019
20K Front Steer
Michelin XZY3 – 425/65R22.5 – 75% Tire tread depth
New Brake S Cams – April 2017
New Brake Shoes – April 2017
New Brake Drums – April 2017
New Tie Rod Ends – January 2018
New Slack Adjusters – Sept 2019
20K Pusher Axle w/
Brand New – Installed Fall 2015
BridgestoneM854 385/65/22.5 – 90% Tire tread depth
52K Neway Air Suspension
Tembrons installed on Rear Drive axle – June 2016
New Shocks on Suspension – June 2016
46K Rears w/4.11 gear ratio
Full Lockers
New Brake Components on all Drive Axles including:
New Slack Adjusters – June 2016
New S Cams – June 2016
New Brake Chambers – June 2016
New Brake Shoes – June 2016
New Brake Drums – June 2016
New Rearends changed from 4.31 to 4.11 – May 2017 @ 720,000km
New Differential Fluid – May 2017
Michelin XDN2 – 11R24.5 Drive Tires
Front Drives approx. 75% tread depth
Rear Drives approx. 90% tread depth
2016 NRC 40CS Specifications
2006 T800 Kenworth

Highlight Features and Extra Options Installed at NRC’s Factory
1. Six Function Lodar Cordless Remote (UnderReach Primarily):
1. UnderReach In 2. UnderReach Out
3. UnderReach (Boom) Up 4. UnderReach (Boom) Down
5. UnderReach Tilt (Boom) In 6. UnderReach Tilt (Boom) Out
2. Full Proportional Controls with Hectronic Handheld Cordless Remote Control
Operate Unit up to 200 feet away
2 Rechargeable Batteries included
Recharging Station in Truck
3. Color Back Up Camera with HD Display Screen in Drivers compartment
4. Extendable Outrigger Legs
18” for wider footprint stance
Flip Down and Stow Away Steel Spades
Includes Detachable foot spades for outrigger extension feet
5. Cordless Light Bar with Recharging Station in Truck
6. Six D-Ring Package Installed at Tailboard
7. Slider Doors Installed to keep Rain, Snow, Ice off hydraulic lines, valve bodies, etc.
8. 12 Rear Facing LED Work Lights / 2 Side Ground LED Work Lights
Boom Specifications:
Three Stage Boom
Fully Retracted – 80,000lbs
Second Stage Extended – 30,000lbs
Third Stage Extended – 15,000lbs
Reach Past Tail gate – 281”
Maximum Boom Working Height – 33.5 Feet
Boom Range of Elevation – 0 to 60 Degrees
Sliding Boom 97”
Sheave Heads Articulate 360 Degrees
Winches & Cables
Dual 2 Speed Main Winches 40,000lbs
3/4 Wire Rope (WLL = 16,560lbs) x 200 feet each
Dual 2 Speed Auxiliary Winches- 15,000lbs
9/16 Wire Rope (WLL = 9,520lbs) x 200 feet each
Hydraulic Extendable Legs Reach (past body) 18”
Flip/Stow Away Spades
Two Detachable Square Spades for Extendable Feet included
Four D-Ring Eyelets on legs for low pulls or spiking options
Underlift Specifications
NRC Super Heavy Duty 4 Stage Short
Reach Fully Retracted 72”
Structural Rating Retracted 70,000lbs
Reach Fully Extended 144”
Structural Rating Extended 23,000lbs
Storage and Compartments
Tunnel Box
64” Tunnel Box w/ Roll Up Doors includes:
Chain Carousel
1 Aluminum Shelf w/ dividers
1 Shelf for extra storage (Brackets Rubber Line X)
Light Pylon w/ 4’ Strobe bar & 2 – 1’ Strobes
Aluminum Extrusion Adjustable Fixture Panels
NRC LED Strip Work Lights
Sound Barrier Wood Cutouts for Tunnel Box Walls
Rubber Floor Mats
Right Side Barn Door Box
Aluminum Extrusion Adjustable Fixture Panel
12 Sets of Adjustable Fork Holders
NRC LED Strip Work Lights
Rubber Floor Mat
Left Side Barn Door Box
Aluminum Extrusion Adjustable Fixture Panel
NRC LED Strip Work Lights
NRC Aluminum American Eagle Tool Chest – 7 Drawer
2 Adjustable Aluminum Shelves w/ Dividers
10LB Sledge Hammer Adjustable Holder
In the Ditch Spray Can Holder – Adjustable
2 Light Cord Holders
Rubber Floor Mat
Flip Down Door Compartments
Aluminum Extrusion Adjustable Fixture Panel
NRC LED Strip Work Lights
1 – 50’ Air Line
1 – Shackle/Common Ring Organizer (Fits a lot rigging)
1 – Cordless Light Bar with NRC Factory Installed Recharge Station
1 – Power/Recharge Battery Station for Proportional Hectronic Remote
(Cordless Light Bar/Hectronic Battery Recharging in same compartment)
Rubber Floor Mats
Wrecker Control Box Left Side
Proportional Function Control Station (Electronic Side)
Lever Controls clearly labelled in English and color coded to winch lines
Wrecker Control Box Right Side
Manual Function Control Station
Lever Controls clearly labelled in English and color coded to winch lines

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