With over 50 years in the towing and recovery business, plus training hundreds of drivers I have taught in that period, I am often asked what sort of equipment is best for the needs of a client.

It’s easy for anyone to buy the most expensive and the shiniest truck on offer but when out on a recovery or tow, it’s the truck with the best all round performance that will bring home the profit.  To illustrate my point: The potential buyer has a call to lift a loaded container weight 80,000lbs, and swing it around the back to another trailer.  The standard big rotator from anyone will try to do this but that type will have to extend the boom to get the reach whereas, if the boom can be used without extension, he will have the full rated performance of his machine.

The designers of NRC came up with the world beating idea of sliding the boom to the back of the truck so the job is easy and safe.

I have worked with this equipment and it is a joy to operate with its radio controls and their range offers something for everyone’s needs. So these days, when asked for my recommendations, I try to match the client’s needs to the best towing equipment on the World market today. NRC is so far ahead of the rest in design and quality that I never hesitate to say “buys an NRC”

Bill Jackson, Consultant en remorquage lourd.
I have been using the NRC Sliding Rotator since 2000. No other unit compares with it, mostly because of the ability to slide and the working space given by the low outriggers. It will do way more than they advertise. Darrell Summers West Virginia, USA
It would be difficult to imagine operating our business today without our NRC Heavy Units. We bought our first NRC Rotator and Slider some seven years ago; we have found the reach, power and versatility of this equipment awesome. Its ability to stand up overturned vehicles, even fully loaded, within the boundaries of one lane of a busy motorway has exceeded our expectations and astounded many highways authority personnel. Mark Egerton Cheshire, UK
We bought our first NRC in 1987, a 20 ton fixed unit that we are still using today with no problems, we added a 35 ton wrecker in 2000 and have just ordered a Sliding Rotator. 20 years with NRC and no problems so far.Ed Chambers Ontario, CANADA
here is nothing that outworks an NRCDuane Hertz Michigan, USA