We are perfectionists, idealists, inventors. We are passionates, we are innovators.

For over 40 years now, respect, honnesty and innovation have been at the hearth of our professional approach. We firmly believe that the success of our business depends on the individual and collective contributions of all our employees. We will always be there to listen to your good ideas, and that’s a promise! At NRC, we encourage you to develop your sense of innovation and give free rein to your creative genius; Together we do things that we never thought possible.

And you, who are you? Or rather, who would you like to be?

Join the #nrcfamily, come make a difference with us!


What our employees are saying…

MICHEL, ASSEMBLERmichelpoitras

”Working with people who know their business and who are as passionate as you are is priceless. The mix of knowledge and expertise of all employees at NRC leads to a very interesting idea sharing that makes the strength of the company.”

We asked him what encouraged employees to stay with us for 20, 30, 40 years…

“It’s the passion, and the pride. After 20 years here, I have seen a lot of towing equipment, but I’m proud to say that we make the best in the industry. The feeling, the pride I have when I see them leaving the factory or when I see one on the road… That feeling is why I am still here after 20 years. ”



”At NRC, it’s the team that makes the difference; people are approachable and everyone works toward a common goal: design and manufacture the best towing equipment in the industry, and that’s what motivates the whole team to invest themself and help each other out.”

What makes the strength of the engineering department?

“It’s the tools we develop internally; employees and supervisors are very proactive, allowing us to continually evolve and be even more effective. NRC is a company focused on innovation and it shines both in product quality and in terms of internal management.”

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