The NRC engineering department works relentlessly to bring you the most advanced technologies in the industry. Always attentive to your needs, they have created equipment for you that is consistently more heavy-duty, easier to use and safer.

Slider Technology

  • Double your lifting capacity by working with the boom in its retracted position.
  • Reduce stress on the body and frame rails by sliding the mast right over the jack legs.
  • Increase your reach by 99’’ to handle jobs that would otherwise be impossible to reach without the slider technology.
  • Save time and money by being able to move your load back and forth without having to change the hook height.
  • Maintain the load at a safe distance from yourself and your equipment.
  • Work more safely with a higher level of performance.

Sliding Rotator

  • A Sliding system combined with a rotator system allows you to really do virtually whatever you want with the load.
  • Simply slide and rotate to bring the load from one side to the rear.
  • Get maximum strength when the load is in the corner.
  • Double your lifting capacity by working with the boom in its retracted position.
  • Low-profile outriggers give you better maneuverability by being able to bring the load over them thus reducing the overhang.
  • Self-leveling system and anti-twist system.
  • Computer controlled hydraulic system.

Detachable under reach

  • Lighter than an independent or integrated under reach.
  • No sacrifice on recovery jobs as the under reach may be detached from the boom, allowing unhindered work.
  • Detachable from the boom in seconds.
  • Get closer to the tailboard for extreme recoveries.



  • Made from hi-tensile steel.
  • Its amazing design provides you with incredible strength.
  • Its strength provides safer working conditions.

Full proportional remote control

  • Control the load to the perfection with the proportional system.
  • Work safely by having a better control of the load.
  • Realize your capacity with the help of the LCD screen.

Tag Axle

  • With an additional axle and set of brakes, braking is more evenly distributed and more effective.
  • The addition of a rear axle with pneumatic suspension provides weight transfer of the vehicle so that the front adheres much better to the road.
  • The Tag Axle greatly reduces the overhang, which affords greater capacity for towing without causing the front of the truck to lift.
  • By using a Tag Axle, the total weight of the load is evenly distributed to the axles;  road surfaces are thereby protected.

Quick Swap

  • Same towing capacity as the strongest heavy-duty wreckers.
  • The same truck can be used to haul loads with a trailer or for towing with a Quickswap.
  • Save several thousand dollars a year with equipment as lightweight as the Quickswap.
  • Due to its light weight, the Quickswap creates less pressure on the tires, which means less use and a decrease in the cost of tire replacement.
  • Save a bundle by not having to insure expensive equipment.
  • Its light weight will allow you to cross the scales smiling.

Composite body

  • Rust free.
  • Incrusted Kevlar provides the industry’s most solid equipment.
  • Includes safety features such as a ‘’panic button’’ and dual control panel.