NRC Advantage

10 main reasons to choose NRC:

Capacity for recovery

  • NRC products offer the best recovery capacity in the industry, to allow you to handle the most difficult jobs. No other manufacturer even comes close to NRC’s spectacular performances.

Useful life of the equipment 

  • NRC products accompany you in your hard work and in every type of situation. They are built strong to live a long life. This is why NRC equipment is so sought after on the second-hand market and why it has such high resale value.

Low maintenance costs

  • Thanks to its superior design, NRC equipments require less maintenance. Therefore you spend less time in maintenance and repairs and more time working.

Custom-made design

  • At NRC, you are not just a number, you are unique and so is your equipment. Every piece of equipment is custom-made especially for you, according to your recommendations and with the numerous options that only NRC can offer you.  You are not lost in the crowd; you have equipment that is custom-built for you and adapted to your needs.

Easy to use

  • NRC products are built intelligently to facilitate the operator’s everyday work. When products are designed, we always maximize the ratio usability / power of recovery, in order to enable you to be most effective in your work.


  • Choosing NRC means choosing equipment that is ahead of its time; it is choosing innovative products that facilitate your work and maximize your security.

A company that’s got heart 

  • Despite the strong growth over the past years, NRC has retained the heart of a family enterprise, a company that understands what is at stake for you and what is important to you.  At NRC, there is no complicated hierarchical structure; the owners are accessible and every customer is a preferred customer.

Are you in business? 

  • NRC products were created to help you earn money. With NRC equipment’s great versatility and unique characteristics, you will be able to handle operations that would be impossible with any other type of equipment.


  • Safety is a major consideration for NRC, as much in the design of their products as in the company’s policies. NRC included numerous safety features in its equipment to protect the lives of those who risk their’s saving others.

True to you

  • In business for over 30 years, NRC is renowned for its openness and honesty.
    NRC has never gotten involved in the war of numbers like the rest of the industry. There is even a 25% margin of safety that has been applied on the sliding rotators ratings to increase the safety of the operators. “We are not in business to show off; we are here to build the best equipment in the industry and to enable you to…realize your capacity.” Norbert Pigeon

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