NRC’s history is one of innovations, technical progress and products that are ahead of their time.

Here are the facts about a company that succeeded the incredible challenge of combining craftsmanship with leading-edge technology:


Getting a first US patent for a hydraulic wheel-lift


The first to introduce an underlift for heavy duty wreckers


Invention of the Slider System; allows operators to save time and money by being able to move the load without having to move the hook height.


Unveiling the world’s first Sliding Rotator: a 9240SR


Introducing the original Quickswap


Improving safety and towing efficiency by proposing a Tag Axle. Allows to increase the payload and transfer weight to the front of the truck.


First introducing the CS Series and its full Composite body


Proposing a rust-proof wrecker body made of galvanized steel and composite materials

Always imitated, but never equaled, NRC products are the choice of the best operators and are renowned throughout the world for their strength and their reliability for getting the toughest jobs done.

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